Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet Lucy!!

Always thought that everyone out there has missed out on so much because they have never heard of the tale of Lucy! Well, not really like oh hot lucy and all but rather, Lucifer. C. Muahahahaha

Just bored, waiting for last paper tomorrow morning so posting crap. But if one day you feel bored like me now and can somehow find or reach me, let me tell you the story of Lucifer C. Or like I call it, Lucy :P Can be found in Malaysia, has started procreating, don't make eye contact, terribly ugly and of foreign origins.

Hahaha. Ok, Wish me luck for finals. Last paper and I'm free

Monday, November 22, 2010

Only Human

Birthday was on the 21st in case you're new to the blog. Had much fun thanks to many caring friends. I should be extremely happy. But then again, I am only human to let the little disappointment play in my mind for a long time. I guess I've come to realize my weakest attribute, the ability to ignore unhappy things. Or something like that.

Yea, birthday was fun. Everyone who was anyone wished except for one. I guess it's the 21st century and calling yourself a good friend bears little or no meaning at all. To be able to erase people whom you call friends so easily is worse than being me( one who finds it too difficult to erase grudges). I guess you can say I'm only human to not be able to let go. But I guess erasing a friend easily just makes you not a human being.

Just felt like putting that up. Using the roommates laptop now as he is sleeping. My laptop is still suffering from the inability to get any connections let it be LAN or WLAN. But there's always a phone. But that too is too expensive. Until, the next chance I get.....

Friday, November 19, 2010

I wans to know my coursework marks!

I always though coursework marks aren't important. I always thought it was better to not know so you just go and do your best with no fear or expectation. Nevertheless, got cw mark just now. Was 14 marks  less than the actual one. OMG!! Haha. Have to check the rest then. I didn't get makrs from my tests. ahah

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ressurection of the Dead!

Still and lifeless, the dead lies in the coffin beneath the ground. Many have forgotten and moved on to another site. Nevertheless, the Dead shall arise once again to make it's mark in your lives. Once a reknowned source of fun and joy, it shall be once again. The No Stamps required blog will post itself to your doorsteps once again and appear on so many blogrolls as a newly updated blog.

Bla bla bla..... just here to let people know..
My new address if ...

Yeah.. soon might post some photos here once in awhile just for the fun of it   :)  

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Displacement = 0

Been back since Thursday night. Just realise my displacement has been zero. Been going here and there, with so many car rides, bus rides, flights.. i end up back home. Haha. Nevertheless happy to be home as I have not been for quite sometime. The last time I came back was for the H1N1 week.

Changed my blog template with Chua's help. Too lazy to fully update the links and stuff.

Anyways got a new cam. Sony Hx1. 20x optical zoom :P
Here are some pics.

Forcing someone to smile in a photograph.

And then here's me. the second one was trying out the smile detection thingy..


Thursday, October 22, 2009


All in one stand alone ! That's the idea of the night. What it has to do with is another thing. Not going to share it online. Going to crack it before anyone else does and going to sell it to GARMIN. Told some. One guy didn't seem to see the practical application of it or why it's better than those already existing.

Not a bad choice....

Saw in Vyner's blog, "can I die and live again as another person?". Not the first time the thought struck me. To live as another person I never would imagine. Maybe I would just look different but then I guess living as another person just isn't too much fun. But I have thought about being born as another being though.

My number one choice. Analyze the life of a housefly. You have a short carefree life. First you're hatched as a maggot. You'll practically eat anything . When you reach adult flyhood life gets better. You get to fly around all day long and stop by for food or anything whenever you want to. Even shit smells good. What could seem negative in such a life that it would make you sad?

In the event of a fly swatter, well death is almost instant. :)

Orang utan.
This one hit me when I went to Semenggoh with friends the last sem break. Haha. You're moved into a sanctuary where no one is to harm you. Everyday someone provides you with food. ON top of that, every year ten of thousands of people come by to watch you hang by the vines. That's cool XD

Just the two creatures I would want to be. HAHA. Anyways if things like reincarnation doesn't exist or is not necessary then I would choose to be an angel ... cause i'm an angelic person.
Just felt the need to crap here since my sleep was disrupted and thus...I have a bit of free time.